Pornography advice

Worried about anything to do with porn?

Ask yourself if porn is having a big influence on what you think about sex and relationships, or even your own body. If you’re over 12 years old, watch Childline’s Porn Zombies films featuring the FAPZ team which bust the myths around porn.

Feeling pressured to watch porn?

Lots of people say they enjoy watching porn, when actually they don’t. If you don’t feel comfortable watching or sharing porn, that’s completely normal and OK. If you need help in coping with pressure from other people to watch it or do something you don’t want to because of it, you can get help.

Feeling pressured to do things you’ve seen in porn films?

What you see in porn often isn’t what happens in healthy and happy relationships. Having a healthy relationship is about good communication and being honest.  Ask each other whether you’re enjoying what you’re doing and whether you want to carry on. This is really important so that you’re both safe and comfortable. For information on developing positive relationships and what’s more realistic, visit Rise Above.

Feeling pressured to do things you’re not comfortable with is never OK and could be a sign of sexual abuse.  Click here for advice on what to do if you’re feeling pressured into sex or other things you’re not comfortable with.

Confused about what’s real and what’s not?

Remember that most porn is not real.  It is usually created for entertainment.

Check out the table on Childline that explains what is and isn’t real about porn.